Cinema and Tangier shares many things, both of them make you unable to distinguesh between reality and fantasy, perhaps the biggest common thing is the magic effect to attracting its lovers…

So, the International Film Festival of Tangier aims as every year to contribute in consolidating the cultural patrimony of this charming city as an international beacon of art and creativity, that is why the Festival began to attract more and more the films makers  attention from Morocco and the wordlwide.

This year, the festival program more than 60 short films from aroun  the world, represents the strongest shorts documentaries and fiction of the last two years. We can consider the festival as real success story and a typical young expieriance, due to the outstanding evolution archived by the festival’s team, from a small film celebration at the Tangier’s university wicth became a The Tangier International Film Festival in seven years, and all that with unstable financial conditions.