President, Ahmed AARAB (Morocco)

Producer and director of documentaries, President of a cultural association “Arts and sciences”, Director of a scientific magazine “ArabicBiology and medicine”, Professor of  biology in “AbdelmalekEsadi” university in Tangier.




Member, Fayek JARADA (Palestine)

Filmmaker and Chief of Palestiniansyndicate for cinema and Television (pal – cinema )Chief of the “First Amateur Film Festival” in Gaza, Chiefhead  of the “Documentary film week” in Gaza, Director in Media Group in Gaza.




Member, Hichem BENAMMAR (Tunisia)

Director of documentaries, audiovisualTeacher, Host of manycine clubs, Director of festivals, Founder of 5/5 productions in Tunis, Developer and director of documantariescaravanscrossingmanyregions of Tunisia.