The Festival



              Everyone who has visited Tangier became prisoner of it charm and  wandered in the global architecture of it neighborhoods.  As well as is the case with every lover of cinema. So perhaps these qualities are the face of the main similarities between Tangier and cinema.

With a clear vision for the next five years, the team will work on the organization of an international standards festival. Befitting the universality of Tangier witch can contribute effectively to the development of local and national cinema through the achievement of three pivotal goals at the year 2020 :

1- Creating a film market for film to market the Moroccan,African and Arab films by brings distributors and producers from all over the world.

2- Tangier’s cinematographic qualifications marketing to bring film projects to create opportunities for local occupancy for professionals engaged in the sector.

3- Pleading before local elected and central institutions and to create an High Institute specializes in cinematic professions in the city.

We consider that the Commitment of the local and central state institutions support and development of the festival as  a positive indication of the possibility of achieving its ambitions.