Abdellah Abu Awad

Universityprofessor of wire Master documentary and movie film, holds a PhD in the law, under the title: the media and industrypoliticaldecision, a study in the Al-Jazeera news, estimating a “very honorable” configured in “The shop in the film industry” of framing the island’s center for media training certificate and developmentwriter and researcher has several articles and research, including: “the revolution and the documentary, about the vision inductive to document the event”, “the documentary in the televisionera” “realism and creativity in the film between fiction and documentary”, “media and industrypoliticaldecision.”


Abdulaziz Damer

Academic and producer of documentary films, directorgeneral of the Foundationfootage for Media Production, heparticipated in manyconferences, festivals and seminars, member in a number of committees and associations, has several books and articles alsoproducedseveraldocumentaryseriesincluding: “calligraphers in Rehab light”, “Flags contemporarycalligraphy”, and “Call the people”…


Sanaa Elsheikh

Sheholds a Bachelor of the Higher Institute of Cinema, shebeganhercareer as head of the technical office of TV movies and then control the production sector, have workeddirectingseveraltelevisionseriessince 1983 until the last work “sword of uncertainty” in 2004.

Drawmany scenarios, including (domes, workingwomen, Bedouin Works, legend …)

And participated in manyEgyptian and Arab festivals in as a member of the jury, and in differentorganization and viewingcommittee.