Awards 2016


The jury would like to mention 3 short films:

– Special mention for Jan Czarlewski, director of
“OPERATION COMMANDO” for the abality to use a methapor to reflect how extreme social identity can separete people.

– Special mention for Edith Proust and Pierre Samuel actors of
“LA METHODE GREENBERRY” by Baptiste Bertheuil.

– Special mention for Stefan Plepp and Sinha Melina actors of
“VA BANQUE” by Stefan Plepp
Two movies that use comedy and thriller genres reminding us of the dangers of abusing our gender based power.

The 9th Tangier International Film Festival awards:
Fiction Competition:

– Best Script
For a film that was able to create a comedy from a tragic reality.
To Basil Khalil and Daniel Khalil for “AVE MARIA”

– Best Editing
For the precision of telling a fantasy story with few elements.
To Karl Peglau for “90 GRAD NORD” by Detsky Graffam

– Best Cinematography
A movie that has a contemporary visit to the classic cinematic references which can be recognised throughout the film.
To Darko Heric for “A NEW HOME” by Ziga Virc

– Special Jury Award
For the smart way of mixing thriller, comedy and social genres to speak about acceptance with an anti heroe lead.
“FOR YOUR OWN SAFETY” directed by Florian Heinzen-Ziob

– Best short film
For its emotional intensity and subtelty portraying the crisis in the identity of inmigrants.
“LE NOM QUE TU PORTES” directed by Hervé Demers.